Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sew-Along Fun hosted by McCall Pattern Company!!

A few days ago I saw a post about a Shirt Dress Sew-Along being hosted by McCall Pattern Company.  I have a "few" shirt dress patterns in my stash and thought it would be fun to participate and see all the different designs everyone would come up with.

Often times I'm inspired by my fabrication so I hunted through my stash to see if there was something that appealed to me.  Nothing.....So what's a girl to do?  I guess I needed to go shopping!!  Luckily for me I found a print that completely "Strikes My Fancy"......AND it's perfect for this sew-along too!  I'm a bit of a "blue gal" so I was drawn to this print as soon as I saw it. Reminds me of all the shades of blue in the ocean!!  It's a cotton blend with a soft hand.  A great choice for our hot Florida Summer's.

Even though I have several shirt dress patterns in my stash, there was a McCall pattern sale on at Joann Fabrics last night, so I selected McCall's Pattern # M7387.  A simple shirt with extended length for the easiest shirt dress ever.  I plan to make view E with sleeve A.

If you're interested in joining this sew-along and all the fun, check out McCall Pattern Companies announcement post here.  It's still early enough to pick a pattern and some fabulous fabric and jump on board.  Looking for a little inspiration?  Check out McCall's Shirtdress Patterns Pinterest Page for lots of ideas and options.  Make sure to also join the McCall Pattern Company Shirtdress Sew-Along Facebook Group and share all your progress too!  All skill levels are welcome.

Hope to see you there!
Have a Happy Creative Day!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

New Addition for Mothers Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to All of you wonderful ladies out there in cyber land!  Wishing you the most special day ever!!

My Sweet Husband and Wonderful Son know me so well....They know I Love sewing machines and have a bit of a SMAD.....ahemmm.....or a "Collection" that I enjoy adding to every now and then.  I haven't added a machine for a while since that little cutie came to live with us.  It's a lovely Vintage Singer 221 Featherweight.

If you'd like to read the story about how I acquired that machine, the link is here. It's a kicker of a story for sure!!

So...ever since the addition of the Beautiful Black Shiny Tiny Singer 221 Featherweight, I've been on the lookout for a black Singer 301 long bed.  Recently, while innocently searching on CL, I found one!!  There wasn't much information listed in the ad and only one picture, so I dismissed it until later.  I ended up showing my husband the ad and found out that he had been trying to contact the owner with no luck.  I dismissed it again thinking it just wasn't meant to be.  FINALLY the owner posted more photos and responded!!  There were now pictures of attachments and a case!!  My main concern was that it included the foot controller and the bobbin casing which are the 2 most important components.  It DID!!  The foot control had been upgraded from the original.  A new style foot control had been retro fitted with an original 3 pronged connection.  Bonus!!

  My 221 has an older original Bakelite foot control that has a cracked plug.  Luckily, this new foot control will work on my 221!  Bonus!!

The original bobbin casing is in great condition too.  I've read that if the original bobbin casing is not included, purchasing one can be expensive.  The carry case is not in great condition.  It's not broken, just stained from being stored away for a while.  Haven't tried to clean it yet, so I will research that and give it a try soon.  It came with a Singer box full of attachments.  Not sure if they're even for this machine since the 301 is a slant needle and these look like they are made for a low shank.  No problem!  They will fit on my shiny tiny 221!  Bonus!  The original Singer 301 Manual was not included.  I was able to go to
Singer's webpage and downloaded a free PDF manual for the machine.

This machine is more like a "franken machine" since it seems that not all the machines components are original. I don't think the black long bed extension table is original.  I don't really care, because I didn't purchase it solely for it's collectible value.  I just really like the machine.

The front spool pin is also not original, it's been replaced with a white plastic one.

So here she is!!  A really beautiful 301A.  I look forward to sewing with her soon!

The golden decals are a little worn which only shows that she was used and loved!!

The long bed folds up nicely and stores away perfectly into it's carry case.  She's actually much smaller than I thought she was going to be.  Perfect to take to a sewing class.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my latest addition!  I'm so excited to play with her and explore all these new sewing options!

Have a Happy Creative Day!!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fancy Trim Foot: Video Part 17

Hi Everyone! Well.....I've come to the end of a journey!  It's taken me a while, but this is the final foot from the Bonus Foot Collection that came with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 for me to show in a video demo.  Can you believe it?  The foot I will be featuring in this video is the Fancy Trim Foot.

This is Part 17 in my Video Series featuring this Amazing, Affordable machine!  It's been a wonderful learning experience for me and I'm happy so many of you have found these video's helpful!  Don't worry.....I have other videos planned, so stay tuned.  I'm always interested in hearing what you'd like to see in future video demo's too!

Click Here to view the YouTube Video

Here's a list of the bonus feet that came along with this machine:

4.  Fancy Trim Foot
6. 1/4" Foot and Quilting Bar 
7.  Shank/Ankle

If you've been watching my video series and reading my blog, you know that I like to show simple sewing operations in a different way.  I like to bring something a little off the beaten path and push the boundaries.  This foot is no exception.  Yes, this foot can be used in a traditional way to sew on flat trim or ribbon with either a single needle straight or deco stitch.  It can also be used with a twin needle.  I really like that look.  So clean, simple and sewn in one operation.  If you'd like more information on threading the 9960 for sewing with a Twin Needle, here's the link to Video Part 9.

If you're interested in learning more about how to use the Twin Needle/Double Needle on the Singer 9960, here's the link to my video: Singer Video Part 9

The other trim that the Fancy Trim Foot sews on with ease, is a string of continuous sequins!!  Yes....SEQUINS!!  How about adding a little glitz to your next project using this foot.  I used a Mono-filament/Invisible Sewing Thread to apply the trim so the stitches would be invisible.  There is one important thing to keep in mind when sewing on continuous sequin trim.  It's directional.  That means, one sequin lay's over the next sequin in a consecutive row.  So with that being said, it's important to feed the sequins into the foot in a certain direction as shown in the picture below.
I hope you'll give this foot a try and let me know how you liked the Fancy Trim Foot!  If you Own, Use and LOVE the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, consider joining our Facebook Group!  We are a very active group and enjoy sharing our projects and supporting each other.

Have a Happy Creative Day!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Singer Bobbins....Class 15J!!

There's been alot of discussion in the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Facebook Group lately about the proper size bobbins for the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine.  We had an ongoing post about this topic when I originally formed the group over a year ago.  Well, it seems that there's still some confusion unfortunately.  I will do my best to show the bobbins that came with my machine and the bobbins that I purchased for my machine.  Yes....these are the same bobbins I use in my machine just in case you were wondering.

When I started to do research into purchasing the Singer 9960 over 4 years ago, I read every piece of information I could get my hands on.  There were some discrepancies in the actual information and that was alarming to me.  One source stated the correct bobbin size was 15J and another stated the correct bobbin size was Class 15....We have had members call Singer and inquire with this question only to add more confusion to this issue.

My Singer 9960 came with these 4 bobbins.  I have never had an issue with using these bobbins.  My machine has run flawlessly for more than 4 years.  These bobbins are Singer Class 15J.

I purchased this package of genuine Singer Class 15J bobbins shortly after receiving my machine so I would be fully stocked with bobbins for all my projects.  These bobbins are the same as the 4 bobbins that came with my machine only they are a slightly different color.

Here's a picture of the 2 bobbins side by side.  The one on the left is one of the Class 15J bobbin's that came with my machine.  The one on the right is from the package of Singer Class 15J bobbins I purchased.  They look pretty flat to me and are the same in size and shape.  They appear to have a slightly purple coloration to them.  I don't have any Class 15 bobbins on hand, so unfortunately I can't show them side by side.

Here's a picture of the Class 15J bobbin inserted into the Singer 9960 properly.  Notice how it fills the bobbin casing area completely.  There's no extra room around the bobbin and it fits snugly.

Hope this explanation helps if you too were wondering about the correct bobbin size for the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. 

Have a Happy Creative Day!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

UPDATE: Singer 8060 is NOW Available at Amazon!!

Happy Friday!!  I have some great news to share!!  I received several messages about my post on the Singer 8060, which is a re-branding of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.  It was relayed to me that 8060 is no longer available at Sams Club and many of you were very disappointed.  After researching, I found that the Singer 8060 is now available on Amazon!!

This is great news for those of you that were interested in a plain white version of this machine without the graphics on the front.  Looks to me that the only cosmetic difference, other than the missing front graphic, is that the face plate is red instead of gray on the control panel. Even though the ad states that it comes with Bonus Accessories, I don't believe it comes with the Bonus Foot Collection.  Still a great deal in my opinion since I paid much more for my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 more than 4 years ago.  If you get this machine, I'd love to hear what you think! 

Have a Happy Creative Day!!